Dr. Stone’s 6 Steps to a Healthy Spine

A healthy spine requires constant maintenance. The following steps are not only helpful for acute flare-ups of neck/back pain, but also to maintain a healthy spine. Being mindful of activities that cause discomfort is important in order to avoid them. In addition, maintaining ideal weight is essential. Extra pounds place significant stress on our spines. Ergonomics & posture are also important. Many jobs require sitting especially when using a computer. Sitting for extended periods of time with poor posture can lead to chronic neck/back pain. Stretching brings blood flow into muscles and helps to reduce stress within our facet joints (small joints in our spines). Core strengthening is crucial since this helps take stress off our spines. It also improves posture which can alleviate neck/back pain. Finally, a general aerobic exercise program helps to release natural endorphins and can help minimize pain.